Đăng Mò Waterfall –A Picnic Point Cannot Be Ignored In Lang Son

Cây số 11 trên đường quốc lộ 279 từ huyện Bình Gia tỉnh Lạng Sơn đi huyện Na Rì tỉnh Bắc Cạn Xã Hoàng Văn Thụ, Huyện Bình Gia, Tỉnh Lạng Sơn



Đăng Mò Waterfall is in Binh Gia district, Lang Son province, the water of the Waterfall cover the slopes of stone fills in between the wild mountain, making a mystery and poetic beauty.

The Waterfall is far 90km from Lang Son city. It is located on 279 National road, is on the way from Binh Gia district – Lang Son province to Na Ri district – Bac Can province. It is on the border of three communes in Binh Gia district such as Mong An, Thien Thuat and Hoang Van Thu.

This is the spectacular waterfall among wild moutains, not yet to be exploited by tourist company. It is attracting people who love traveling

Dang Mo Waterfall is also known as Cow Nose fall. According to the Tay ethnic people, there are 2 streams on upstream fall down in the same direction and then enter into the fall. It is estimated about hundred meters high waterfall, flowed from the three-story stone. You will be immersed in the fresh and cool water with the bird sound, roaring waterfalls anf mountain scenery.

Along the waterfall banks, large and small stones are covered by green mossy like a carpet of green tree. Ancient trees have branches overshadowed the middle of the waterfall. Esspecially, the water of the waterfalls is a combination of groundwater in the rolling mountains of rocky arc in Bac Son.

With poetic and unique beauty, Dang Mo waterfall is becoming an attractive picnic spot, not only for local people but also visitors. Espeocially on summer or weekend

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